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I don't do this weather. I melt. Slowly and surely. And indeed it's this time of the year when I find the one big benefit of working in the delights of White City. Yes, for me, there is actually one. It's called 'travel'.

My route to work may involve a tube, two trains and a bus/30 minute walk, but the tube journey lasts about six minutes which means the rest is above ground. And hey some of the overground trains even have air conditioning. Southern and Silverlink may be a big pile of shite to use, but at least I'm not wilting as I travel.

A llama from Deen City Farm

Still, today is Sunday. And it's hot. And I'm hot. Probably not as hot as this llama from nearby Deen City Farm (sorry, got a new digital camera so we were out yesterday playing - but more on that another time), but hot enough for me to be sat in the relative cool of the house, wishing it would rain. Hot enough for my mind to be struggling to do anything other than slump on the sofa watching TV whilst drinking cold drinks endlessly. I'd have an ice cream but I fear it would melt in next to no time.

Thankfully Catherine and I are obviously meant to be, for she too is not the person to see sun and go "Yes! I need to go and sit right in the middle of it with few clothes on". And ultimately what I need right now is to be sat in a wood, next to a large cold lake with a nice breeze blowing. Sadly there aren't many places like that in the middle of London...

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