What's The Scam?

Posted on 19 June 2005 in Internet (No comments)

Most of my emails are spam sadly. I get far too much of it, but nestling inside the mortgage offers, people presuming I need some pills to get it up, messages from someone called Julie about her webcam, and a barrage of emails about all the email addresses I've supposedly added to my ebay account, came this one:

Dear Webmaster

I am interested in buying your domain planetbods.org for $300. Im only interested in the domain not in your content, so you can sell your domain and move your content to another domain. If you are interested please respond to this e-mail.


Bettina Jensen

Email entitled '[#20167] Buying your domain: planetbods.org'

Now I don't for a minute believes Bettina of the IT Marketing Group (whoever they are) wants the domain - not that I'd sell it anyway. And I note that from a search on the old t'internet, quite a few people have had these emails. But I'm a bit stuck on this one cos for the life of me, I can't work out just what is the scam?

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