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A couple of weeks ago I realised that not only was it June, but I'd had a whole of three days off work in the first five months of the year. And one of those was taken so I could do tourist stuff with my mother, so wasn't exactly a carefree day of leisure.

Every year I do this - I end up working myself to the bone for the first part of the year then for the end of the year, end up with loads of leave which I then have to take at Christmas, lest I lose it.

So with that in mind, and the fact that I've been feeling a bit stressed and tired of late, I booked off today and tomorrow to relax and unwind.

And when I was looking to book it off, I kept thinking of all the things I could do. I could see X, take photos of Y, travel to Z etc.

Except X, Y and Z (plus the rest) all require an hour or so on the tube and today is supposed to be 31°C - another roasting day.

Now call me funny, but sitting on the tube for just four stops in this weather is bad enough. Sitting on it for an hour or so? Hmm. No thanks.

So instead I'll potter around the house. Maybe tidy up the back bedroom with the vague notion that in a few weekends time, we might actually get round to painting it. And I'll do all those boring things I've been meaning to do - backup my PCs, upgrade Linux and so on. Not exactly what I had in mind but there you gone.

That said, Catherine's off tomorrow as well, so we're going to go to the seaside. Apparently there's rain and storms due. That'll be nice.

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