Posted on 4 July 2005 in Work (No comments)

Today I got my new copy of the BBC Editorial Guidelines. A hefty tome at 226 pages. There's even half a page about interactive TV.

I've never had a copy until today - there was a department copy of the last version at Bush House, but goodness knows where it ended up when we moved office.

It although it always seemed like one of those things they should issue you as you enter the building on day one - your security pass, directions to the canteen and a huge paperweight thrust into your arms.

"Ah, so going to be a producer, what? Well you'll be needing this! And I'll be testing you on pages 17 to 43 later this afternoon. Now run along. There's plenty of people to boss around. Chop chop!"

Still I've got my own copy now, and I feel like I'm finally a producer. Hurrah and hurray!

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