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Posted on 25 July 2005 in BBC (No comments)

What with one thing and another, Friday turned out to be a pretty hectic day at work and as such, I completely forgot about asking if the big red button, is actually big and red.

Thankfully the whole world doesn't rely on my memory being perfect, and out of the blue today, I was informed by Jem that indeed, the button is big and it is red. And Martin even sent a picture of the big red button in situ.

Of course now you're all gagging at the bit, wanting, nay demanding to know just what the bbc.co.uk Big Red Button looks like. I know you, my dear reader, far too well.

Well for fears of BBC copyright police hit squad descending on my flat, demanding that I remove BBC intellectual property from my website (ahem), means I am therefore reluctant to actually display the button on these hallowed pages, I had to take a different route. So here boys and girls, is an artists impression of the Big Red Button.

Artists impression of the bbc.co.uk homepage Big Red Button

Artists' reconstruction ©2005 Andrew P. Bowden

I can tell you are impressed. I was too. Although I have to confess to have been expecting something a little more... well... round. Perhaps with some bevels, drop shadows and embossed lettering. Something a bit more... well perhaps... like this.

Potential replacement for the big red button?

Well okay, perhaps not. After all it was knocked up in five seconds using The Gimp's button generator, and even worse, there's no option to make the text nice and embossed. But you can get the picture. Combine that with perhaps a loud 'KLUNK!' sound effect when you hit the button and I think someone could be on a real winner.

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