Eighty Pounds?

Posted on 17 August 2005 in Internet (No comments)

Some time ago I decided that, as I wasn't hanging around uk.media.radio.radcliffe newsgroup any more, maintaining the group website probably wasn't the best thing to do.

As such I decided to pass on the group website, and after some umming and arring with the new owner, the decision was made to let the ukmrr.org.uk domain lapse - it was up for renewal and the costs of transferring it were quite large.

So that was that and the registration for the domain expired at the end of July. Bosh, sorted.

Got a letter through from Nominet today. Domain's about to expire - are you sure? Well yeah, actually I am. But there's an invoice for if I want to renew it - in case my registrant has made a mistake.

Fair enough. Out of interest I look at the price quoted.

£80. Plus VAT.

80 quid for a two year domain name renewal? £65 more than I paid for the thing?

People pay this? Well they must do else they wouldn't send out invoices saying it...

And yes... I think I'll still leave the domain un-renewed.

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