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Posted on 8 September 2005 in Work (No comments)

I'm working at home today, which is something I don't normally do as I find it rather boring being stuck in the house by myself, and I usually end up missing about 15 important files that I can't access as I'm working via webmail alone.

It does however mean I can get in work early (I turned up at my desk at 8am this morning) and bunk off early (well I did get in early)

I was wondering how the work-at-home day related to the work-at-work day, timewise. For example, at home there's no one around to distract me - so there's no time spent on conversations in the kitchen, or 'Ah! Hello!' type things as people walk past who you've not seen for ages. (In its place, this blog post.)

No random trips down to the canteen for chocolate (replaced by doing the washing) and no going out onto the balcony and screaming when something doesn't work (I'll have to kick some pieces of wood instead).

All of which made me wonder whether it's possible to bunk off even earlier - perhaps if there are fewer distractions here, then I'll do more work. Ergo, if I've done all my work by 3pm that would normally take until 5pm in the office, then what's the point of sitting at my desk? Obviously I'd have to do a benchmark to find out what the exact ratio is, but it makes you think - do home workers actually get more done?

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