Hurray Hedgehog

Posted on 14 September 2005 in Life (No comments)

I seem to recall recently, hearing a report on Today about how hedgehogs are becoming rarer. I've certainly never seen one. Foxes yes, Hedgehogs no. Until tonight.

I'd just popped out to water my hanging basket and a few other flowers at the end of the drive, when I spotted a little prickly bundle sat on the grass, munching on something. I quietly tried to walk past and whispered to Catherine to come down, her arriving just as the little hedgehog scampered across the drive and tucked itself behind our Summer Sorbet bush, next to the wall.

At that point we quietly retreated, to let it get on with its evening of foraging - perhaps on some of the scraps left over by the fox that appears to have been attacking some of our neighbours bins. Or more hopefully, on the slugs that I keep seeing in the area.

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