No Satellite Signal 3

Posted on 25 September 2005 in Television (No comments)

Should you be wondering - unlikely I know - but no, I still don't have satellite television.

I got a phone call at 8:15 this morning, which was nice as I was comfortably asleep at the time, where some bloke told me some of his engineers had called in sick. Is tomorrow alright?

It's bad enough they call you at 8:15 on a bloomin' Sunday morning, but expecting you to hang around all day tomorrow? As if I can just work from home just like that...

So I said Saturday, although not exactly being awake, I forgot that my parents are coming down for the weekend...

The phrase "some" rings in my mind. Either there's a bug going round, or lots of Sky 'approved' engineers had been out in the pub last night...

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