Trafalgar Mad

Posted on 22 October 2005 in London, Pubs (No comments)

I don't know what it's like anywhere else in the country, but Merton has officially gone Trafalgar Mad. Little did we know when we arranged to meet in the Colliers Tup that we'd be there during a Trafalgar Day Party (late license to 1am, live music, and bar staff dressed in naval uniforms).

To be honest I would have preferred the nearby Trafalgar where there would be see shanties, grog and morris dancing. Indeed, there's even a local morris troupe who practise nearby - they'd been at Abbey Mills market last Sunday performing in the bandstand.

Of course, Merton has a Nelson connection which perhaps explains why the area has gone a bit madder than most. There's a reason why many of the pub names have a Nelson connection - the Nelson Arms, The Trafalgar, The Emma Hamilton, and The Colliers Tup (err, okay, it used to be called The Victory, but whilst I generally dislike pub name changes, it didn't have a good reputation for itself, whilst the new Tuppified version ain't bad). There was an extra special reason for the bunting and flags. It's because Nelson lived in the area - indeed much what is now Merton High Street was where his house stood.

Still, all this excitement was a bit much for me and we left about half ten. Mainly as I think I need to save my energy for the Trafalgar related activity of Welly Throwing at the Traf today (Saturday).

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