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Posted on 31 October 2005 in Work (No comments)

As you may or may not have heard, the BBC Broadcast has renamed itself. It's done this cos it's not part of the BBC, being now owned as it is, by an Australian bank, who are of course an obvious owner for the company.

But when it comes to the new name - 'Red Bee Media' - well I don't think I'll say anything other than pass on a comment I saw on one message board that pointed out that bees sting you, then die. Of course they also give you honey, but that's not as amusing.

So anyway, did I mention that I work in the same building as the buzzy Red Bees, and that today... well... you can see what they did to our building courtesy of this photograph from my colleague, Nick Holmes (isn't Creative Commons great?).

Buzz Buzz, by Nick Holmes

After walking past that this morning, I had to ask some colleagues in the lift if we still worked for the BBC, cos with that subtle re-branding of our building, I really wasn't sure. Not since that day when I walked in and saw all the TV screens in reception were tuned to ITV channels, have I been so confused.

Maybe I should pop in in the dead of night with an A4 piece of paper with a hand drawn BBCi logo on it, in a vain attempt to redress the balance.

Incidentally, if you're wondering why all the TV screens were all on ITV channels, it's because BBC Broadcast was bidding for a contract to design some new logos for ITV. Rather ironically, they won the bid too.

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