Weights and Colds

Posted on 4 January 2006 in Life (No comments)

Not long after returning to London post Christmas, Catherine got a stinking cold. On Monday, I ended up with it. Doesn't seem as bad as hers - I haven't been bad enough to take time off work - but it seems to help if I don't think too much (which means work hasn't exactly been 100% productive), and I don't exactly have a lot of energy which makes burning off the quite frankly ridiculous half a stone of weight that I put on at Christmas, a little hard.

That in itself is a little annoying given that over autumn last year I joined the gym and managed to lose (and importantly keep off) half a stone... I don't normally eat or drink badly - certainly not at home - but you know how it is when you eat out a lot. And indeed before Christmas I was out an insane number of nights which won't have helped.

Still, c'est la vie. It will go again at some point - it will be helped when I feel well again and do some proper sessions in the gym once more. And we all need time to enjoy ourselves every now and then.

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