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Posted on 9 January 2006 in Internet, London (No comments)

I don't normally repost comments I make on sites, in my own blog but in this case, I'll make an exception. Below is the offending entry, and below that, my comment. Just in case it doesn't survive on the site in question.

Tieguanyin is a rare Chinese green tea (Northerners: do NOT add milk and sugar!)

Londonist: Rich Tea Takes The Biscuit

And this is the comment I made in response.

Londonist writer does lame, pathetic, "Aren't notherners all yokels, thick as pig shit, ha ha, bet they don't even know how to serve a cup of expensive cup of tea. Aren't we all so clever us Londoners".

Andrew removes Londonist from Bloglines and goes looking for a London website where the writers don't match the cliche of Londoners that the rest of the nation has - arrogant, self-obsessed, pompous idiots with their head stuck up their own backside.

The fact that this is a northerner sprouting this crap makes it even worse.

There's sadly too many people in London who believe themselves to be above everyone else in the nation.

I have had too many conversations with people wondering how I can cope living in London. I try to tell people that London is a lovely place - that there are lovely people. Unfortunately sprouting rubbish like this, even if it's made in so-called "jest" (I say so called, because I can find no possible scenario where it would be funny unless you're two brain cells short of shortbread biscuit), just serves to re-inforce the stereotypes that the rest of the nation has of Londoners. That they are all arrogant, self-obsessed, pompous idiots with their head stuck up their own backside.

Incidentally, as alluded to, the writer of the piece, claims to be from the north. So it must be okay...

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