Another Andrew Bowden

Posted on 11 February 2006 in Life (No comments)

Well you can imagine my surprise.

Another is called, simply enough, Biased BBC. One of its leading lights, Andrew Bowden, says that one of his major complaints is "the politically-correct institutional group-think (and sometimes plain ignorance) that comes across in a lot of the BBC's news and current affairs output."

BBC News - Bloggers: an army of irregulars

Well yep, that's why I ain't been blogging for some time.

Okay, funnily enough, I'm not one of the leading lights in the old right-wing, pro-Tory Biased BBC. Whilst I can foam at the mouth, I can't do it to the same level as those guys (it's an outrage etc etc)

Still it's another Andrew Bowden on the list - the only other one I knew was Sir Andrew Bowden, former Conservative MP for Brighton and Hove.

Hmm. I'm sensing a perturbing connection...

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