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Spot The Error

Posted on 29 March 2006 in BBC red button (No comments yet - be the first!)

Ever get the feeling you’re not paying attention enough?

Another Day, Another Launch

Posted on 28 March 2006 in BBC red button (No comments yet - be the first!)

It seems you sit around waiting for a project to launch on the world, and then three all turn up at once.

BBCi bridge

Posted on 24 March 2006 in BBC red button (No comments yet - be the first!)

I got so distracted writing about evil estate agents the other day, that I completely forgot to mention the latest launch from work.

Estate Agents

Posted on 21 March 2006 in House (11 comments)

A BBC News website about dirty tricks and scamster estate agents makes depressing reading. Anyone who has bought or sold property knows that it’s an extremely stressful experience. It also reminded me that I’d never blogged about the estate agent hell we had when we were trying to complete the purchase of our lovely little house.

The times they are a changin’

Posted on 18 March 2006 in Television (No comments yet - be the first!)

People might understand a Freeview set top box, but how about a PVR? A TiVo? A Media Center PC? Howabout how a simple games console has become a media centre in the home? And so on. Which is why Auntie runs sessions about such things, and that’s where I found myself yesterday afternoon. Not learning about it all - but helping to explain such things to other people.

The F-Word Turns 5

Posted on 11 March 2006 in Internet (No comments yet - be the first!)

I confess I’m a little late with this, owing to me just not being in the mood to blog much recently, but The F-Word turned five recently.

Desk Swap

Posted on 4 March 2006 in Work (No comments yet - be the first!)

I recently moved desks at work, which has had some unual implications.


Posted on 1 March 2006 in Life (No comments yet - be the first!)

Is it possible to look at Spherey and not feel happy? I think not.

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