Another Day, Another Launch

Posted on 28 March 2006 in BBC red button (No comments)

It seems you sit around waiting for a project to launch on the world, and then three all turn up at once.

The BBCi bridge on DTT

The new BBCi bridge on DTT

Well okay, it's all part of the same project, and the fact that when we do anything on BBCi, we have to do it three times, means that launches tend to be a bit staggered. So whilst DTT (or Freeview) went up last week, the new bridge on satellite didn't go up until yesterday.

And as for cable... Well it ain't there yet, mainly as our cable gurus were busy doing something else. From today, if you've got a cable box that does video on demand, when you load up the BBCi bridge, you'll see a link to something called 'Catch Up TV'. I don't actually have cable, so really I've no idea what's going on. It's only there for some NTL customers at the minute, but Telewest users will have it soon. Select it and you'll get assorted (and free) BBC programmes from the last seven days. Or something like that.

But wouldn't it be nice to catch up with TV you've missed? Especially when it's a fantastic BBC Three programme called Snuff Box that you've missed, and you've missed it on the one week where, for some unknown reason, they're not repeating it. Nope, not once. Not a single repeat. I mean, this is a channel where almost every show is repeated about 15 times in the course of a month! Two Pints probably gets shown so much that the tape's worn out!

For every other episode of Snuff Box, from 1 to 4, had a late night repeat on the same day. So does episode 6 next week. But this week, with episide 5 - the one episode I wasn't in to record or watch - and not a single extra showing at all!

Grrr. Maybe this internet based TV thing has some potential after all....

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