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All the latest news, results and declarations can be found on Ceefax or Digitext Page 660.

bbc.co.uk/sport article, 'The BBC at Aintree'

Whatever digitext is...

Actually, as I recall, digitext is what many people over in BBC News and BBC Sport call digital text, aka BBCi. I've no idea where it came from, but I wouldn't actually be surprised if it's one of those little internal pet names that pre-dated the decision to brand the first service as BBC Text all those years ago. Wherever it came from, it's one of those internal things that has managed to wriggle its way out into the public.

Still, as names go, it has a certain charm, but nothing will really beat for me, the wonderful name the dedicated Ceefax/BBCi editorial team at BBC News used to call (when they still existed). Digidesk really does have a certain charm about it.

It's one of the little drawbacks of using pet names for products and services. Indeed I've spent the last two years, trying to 'rebrand' QuickCodes to just plain old simple page numbers...

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