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Posted on 20 June 2006 in Internet (No comments)

I think one of my favourite blog posts was in 2004 when I attempted to use for a laugh. I often think I should so similar posts with other sites, but as ever, time is not something I ever have enough of.

So anyway, this morning I received an email from telling me the service will be shutting down at the end of July. Can't say I'm guttered.

The reason for closing however is more interesting. I'd like it to have been "We had a really shit website no one could use" but sadly it's not. On's questions page, the answer is given to be:

When we launched mycokemusic, it was because our consumers told us that this was something they were really interested in. In 2004, the digital music scene was just developing and the only way for Coke to offer access to music downloads was to open our own store. That's not true today and there is no need for Coke to continue to run a store. Questions about the site closing down

I love excuses like these, as you can read between the lines wonderfully easy - especially if you've got as cynical a mind as I have. After all, what's really changed in two and a half years that means Coke suddenly doesn't need to run an online music store? Very little.

And if we're going to ask the tough questions. well what actual need was there for Coke to run a music store in the first place? In a way you can see the marketing team thinking...

  1. some people who drink Coke like music
  2. some people want to download music.
  3. Apple is selling music
  4. Apple is a funky brand
  5. Coke's a funky brand
  6. We at Coke like music
  7. Coke likes money
  8. Coke could run a download service, which would rake in the cash and Coke would look cool
  9. Oh and it would match our brand ideals too

Of course lots of people thought the same - in 2004 lots of online music stores were launched as company after company jumped on the music download bandwagon. There's lots of competition, and one very big winner (of course owned by Apple). So - after a brief blitz of publicity - really does nothing but look like a bandwagon jumper, and two years later the service gets canned.

And after all, why would have been a success, just because it's backed by Coke? After all, Coca-Cola is hardly a brand that's hugely associated with music. It's a soft drink after all.

Still, it's not the oddest foray into the world of commerce that I've seen Coca-Cola go into. Many years ago I went into a branch of Matalan and at the back were piles of packets of plain white socks. Specifically Coca-Cola brand white socks, with the Coke logo plastered all over the packaging.

Well Coke, socks, that's obvious isn't it? After all, Coke likes sport. People who play sport drink Coke. People who play sport need sport socks...

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