The Amazing Hint Dropping Boiler

Posted on 24 January 2007 in House (No comments)

Ever get that feeling that a hint is being dropped? Now do you ever get it from an inanimate object?

A couple of weeks ago, the pilot light on my central heating kept going out. So out pops the man from British Gas to come and fix it, and lo, we have heat again. And yay, Bods was a happy man.

Then a few days later, the clock on the same unit went - no timer functions were working. So out pops the same man to look at it, go off and order a part, then return a few days later. And lo, we have timed heat again. And yay, Bods was a happy man again.

That was a few weeks ago, and since then all has been fine. Until this evening when I discovered we had no hot water. On having a look, the pilot light for the water had gone out out (the heating is a warm air system and has a separate pilot light to the water heater). I relit it, and went off to wait for the warm water to re-appear.

Two and a half hours later - no warm water. It had gone out again. I relit. That was twenty minutes ago. I just popped downstairs. It's gone out again...

It has to be said that in the two and a half years we've been in this house, the whole system has been no problem at all bar the heating pilot light going out in the summer when it wasn't in use. However it's clearly dropping hints now that at the age of 23 (the house was built in 1984), we might want to be thinking about replacing the boiler.

Now actually, it's something I was considering anyway. However I wasn't half hoping that it would survive the winter and we could look into it when it's actually warm outside...

Still, the man from British Gas will no doubt have fun returning to see us again for the third time in a month. Meanwhile I'll be sitting around wondering what can go wrong next...

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