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Posted on 26 January 2007 in House (No comments)

It's funny - when I was talking to people at work about the fact that I'd be working from home today waiting for the engineer to come and look at the hot water (he's been now and hopefully all will be fine) everyone seemed very surprised that our heating system was merrily away chugging along after 23 years of service.

Now I'd been thinking of replacing the heating anyway - partly because with a new system we could lose the hot water cylinder, thus releasing some storage space which would be more than handy - however I thought I'd probe the bloke whilst he was here.

His view was a bit different. Given its just had a new timer and two new thermo-couplings, it should run fine for some time. No hurry at all.

Now I would like to get rid of the hot water cylinder, as it would mean we can have a pantry - currently the hoover is sat in a cupboard in the kitchen. At some point we do need a new kitchen putting in, so at that point I'd like to move the hoover out of the kitchen as it takes up a lot of space. However the bathroom is in more urgent need of refurbishment and I would like to put in a heated towel rail...

At the minute we have warm air heating which blows warm air round the house. It's actually quite good, although the back bedroom doesn't always warm up as well as the rest of the house. On the other hand, would replacing it like for like be cost prohibitive? Would a radiator based solution be cheaper and easier? If so, you'd want a water-heated towel radiator. If not, electric...

However far more important is the answer to this question. Following three breakdowns in under a month, will it now behave again?

Things are much simpler when you rent...

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