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Posted on 10 February 2007 in Planet Bods (No comments)

For various reasons, I've had no web stats for my site since mid 2004. So thanks to a recent install of Google Analytics, I now know the following:

  • 1.23% of my web traffic comes via Kirk's website, krn.me.uk. That site is the 5th biggest referrer to my site. (In contrast, Google comes in top with 75.9%).
  • 0.92% of people reading this site are from Australia (actually 70.67% of you appear to be British)
  • Current top viewed page is a biography of The Shirehorses.
  • 20.63% of you are using Firefox whilst 74.13% are on Internet Explorer. 1 person uses a Sony Ericcson K800i (hello, I hope it looks nice to you). The 21 hits from a Linux box are undoubtedly by me.
  • At least 10.55% of you are using dial-up modems. Goodness knows how Google knows this.
  • Guten tag to the person/people who visited this site 13 times who are German!
  • Top search term for people to get here is apparently Boy Racers, which presumably sends people to the Driving Test for Boy Racers - a page which was described as "Top Notch Comedy" on boyracerguide.co.uk - which is frankly better than the piles of abuse I get from some Westwood "fans", and those in favour of gangster rap who don't get the joke...
  • Second top search term is "Granny Planet" which leads to a recent blog post about the BBC's 15 Web Principles. A quick search for the term on Google revealed that web principles wasn't exactly what those people had in mind... Funnily enough 82.98% of the people arriving at that page, leave very quickly... Still, Google suggests I buy it as an AdWord... Tempting...
  • 98.69% of you have Java enabled. Which is nice as I don't use Java anywhere on this site.
  • 100% of my visitors have JavaScript. Okay, that's a joke. Google Analytics only works if you lot keep JavaScript enabled in your web browser, so I've no idea what the non-JavaScript brigade are up to, which is a bit of a shame. Wonder how many people view the site in Links...

Analysing stuff is great!

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