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Posted on 16 April 2007 in Life (No comments)

I wonder how many blog posts out there start with some mutterings about the poster being sorry about the lack of posts, and that they've been a bit busy of late with all manner of exciting or maybe dull things.

Oh, by the way, hello. Sorry about the recent lack of posts. I've been a bit busy of late with all manner of exciting and dull things. Outside work, I've been in the middle of a quite frankly huge web migration project which I'm trying (and succeeding) to get done by the beginning of May (more on that in May funnily enough), and then there's the 200 odd pictures waiting to be described and uploaded onto flickr...

Which has meant random posting about walking the Pennine Way, the fact that my broadband connection has been utter crap for two whole months and the blaze comment about the burning question of whether he really would walk 500 miles, yet alone 500 more, just so that he could spend even more time walking 1000 miles with her.

I mean, assuming he walks 20 miles a day, it's going to take him a month just to walk 500 miles. Then another month to walk another. Then two more months walking 1000. That's four months - a quarter of a year. And that assumes no stops, no time spent to sort out the blisters. It's a huge commitment and I really don't think he's going to last the distance. He's just going to give up after a few days and we all know it...

Jimmy Nail

And that's before we get onto the "Jimmy Nail Lie Dector" where you type something in, and Jimmy pops out of a phone box to tell you if you if you're telling the truth or not...

Incidentally this is post 666... And it features Jimmy Nail. Now what does that say?

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