Bye Bye TTLP, Hello City Road

Posted on 1 May 2007 in Internet (No comments)

Probably about a year ago, I had an email. It went along the lines of "Seeing as the Tyne Tees Logo Page is pretty much dead now, can I nick all your content for my new website"

The first thing in my reply was that the site was not dead. True it hadn't had a particularly large number of updates, but there's only so much you can say and I was pretty much there.

The second thing in my reply was along the lines of "The TTLP is a very big and popular site and we're always looking for contributions for others. Maybe you'd like to write an article yourself?"

The reply I got back was simple. No chance. Want to do my own thing. So I said, when you launch, let me know - I'll take a look and link to it.

As far as I know, that site never launched. Which for me says a lot. Pulling together a website isn't as easy as people think, and making it work over many years is even harder. A good website takes effort. A lot more effort than just taking someone else's work and putting your own design round it (or as in one case I saw on the internet, combining one persons content with someone else's design and passing the whole thing off as your own work!)

Even if you can do all that by yourself, it's sometimes useful to get external contributions and help. Someone to write extra articles, submit extra content. To be a part of a larger group - work with others towards a common goal.

Which is why today, 1 May 2007, the Tyne Tees Logo Page is no more. In its place, the brand new and glorious looking City Road, and is officially a full part of the Transdiffusion website.

It is a bit like the end of an era, but the start of a new one.

The TTLP homepage as it looked in 1997

What style, what design! The Tyne Tees Logo Page as it looked on launch in 1997

The TTLP has had a long association with Transdiffusion, becoming an affiliate site in 2002 - five years after it first launched in 1997. Indeed, I've had a long association with Transdiffusion since writing my first article a year earlier. I'm a Staff Editor on the website, and have for some time, been looking after the technical side - doing an ambitious project of moving hundreds and hundreds of hand cranked web pages into a content management system. Given I have spent a long

So in short, it made sense to bring them closer together. Transdiffusion get a world class section on Tyne Tees, and I get to leach off TBS's writers a bit better. The site gets a brand new design, and there's more people around to keep it going should I ever find myself not able to. And, yeah, okay. Transdiffusion's a huge site with a large readership - merging the TTLP in will hopefully help even more people find the content I've spent years working on. In short, it's a win win all round.

And hey, City Road's a much better name too...

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