Coffin' heckers like

Posted on 8 December 2007 in Life (No comments)

Anyone watching Have I Got News For You last night might remember this picture:

Coffin in a bus stop

Picture taken from the Daily Mail website

Now normally, I wouldn't even have batted an eyelid. I certainly wouldn't have raided the Daily Mail website for an image. Except that suddenly something looked ridiculously familiar.

It was the white building on the right which finally gave it away. It's Crescent Road, in Dukinfield. A road I know very well because for 5 years of my life, I would sit on the 346 bus going to and from school in the morning. I also know people who live on the road that goes off in the left. I have, before now, stood at that bus stop, waiting for buses. And it's certainly not somewhere I expected to see on national television on a Friday evening.

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