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Food, glorious BBC food

Posted on 16 July 2008 in BBC, Internet (1 comment)

By chance I noticed the an interesting case of BBC related database overload. And it’s in the form of recipe databases. Boy, is there a lot…

The Pit

Posted on 13 July 2008 in Computers, Television (No comments yet - be the first!)

Anyone following my microblog updates yesterday may have noticed a certain anger with the trauma centre that is iTunes. I’ve never been a huge fan of iTunes (bloated, slow, klunky), but after yesterday I now hate, loathe and despise it.

Remember the physical before we regret it

Posted on 5 July 2008 in Life (2 comments)

I like technology. Technology is cool. I like the convenience of my MP3 player. My photos have never been better since I got a digital camera so that I can see what I’ve taken, and improve instantly. My PVR hoovers up TV programmes and gives them to me in a nice menu.

Music sounds better with you

Posted on 1 July 2008 in Entertainment (5 comments)

Well if my Rio Karma wasn’t broken enough already, one suspects it’s in a worse state this morning. I was casually putting it away outside the office after the morning commute, walking at the same time as I have done hundreds of times before, only for me to drop it, where it then bounced on the floor, straight into the water at the bottom of the fountain.

Fishy cables - new post at the BBCi Labs blog

Posted on 1 July 2008 in BBC red button, Interactive TV (No comments yet - be the first!)

Over on BBCi Labs right now, you’ll find my first contribution to that blog.

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