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  • "Our site is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please check back later." Why do they put up something which everyone knows is franky a lie?
  • And the beginning of the start for increased congestion in London! Proof is in the stats kindly provided by the Mayor of London in his press release. In order to keep a similar bus capacity, the frequency of buses has to go up. Route 38 currently has 20 bendy buses in morning peak. New contract - 28 double deckers. Route 507 has 10 bendy buses in peak currently, but gets 18 single deckers in peak with the new contract. Route 521 has 17 bendy buses in morning peak currently, to be replaced by a WHOPPING THIRTY single deckers with the new contract. Nearly double the number of buses on one route alone. Still at least the menace that is the bendy bus will be partially gone. Even if the menace of congestion worse than ever.

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