Top Twenty Archive Posts of 2008 - Part 2

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So we've gone through the Top 20 posts of 2008 - but that only tells half the picture. What posts have got the long tail? The lasting factor?

It's time to hunt them down. We've done 20-11 already. But what gets in the Top 10?

10 - The Real Underground

Post from March 2003 about a fantastic tube map which morphed between the stylised representation to a proper geographical version.

The map was moved onto the TfL website some years ago which seemed fantastic, but has now completely disappeared following a site redesign. Sad news indeed - especially as it's obvious that people are still looking for it.

9 - The Joys of Train Travel Planning in France

Another of 2007's top posts, yes it's me ranting again, in the guise of web usability! It's a topic that I know other people have - SNCF's website really is just so bad. I haven't come across a single UK train website that doesn't have a journey planner on their front page for example, but SNCF don't even think this is important enough to even have a link for!

8 - Vegetarian Iceland

Slipping down a bit - this post (originally from November 2005) was number 5 last year. However I'm still getting emails from people about this guest post from Catherine. One couple had ruled out going to Iceland for their honeymoon - until they read this! For me, this is the kind of stuff the Internet was made for!

7 - Walsh Western Hopelessness (part 2)

In contrast, this post from January 2006, about crap delivery of a Dell PC, has been some sort of feedback dry hole - only one comment. Not entirely sure why people come to this page, but flock they do. Nearly double the number do this than the item that nestles at number 20...

6 - The new BBC Homepage - a bit like myBBC then

When this post, from December 2007, hit last years top list at number 18, I blamed it on linking from the BBC Internet Blog. But the article, which compares the current BBC web homepage with myBBC, still continues to draw them in - it had 1645 hits over the year which is about four times the average for a post done in the last 12 months (yet alone one that's sitting in the archive for eternity).

This confused me quite a lot, so I did a search to see if anyone is linking to it. Turns out it's one of literally 'oodles of links mentioned in a post by Roger Mosey, Director of Sport on the BBC Sport Editors' blog. The post in question, is all about the BBC preparing for the 2012 Olympics. Utterly random.

5 - The Usability of Meeting Room Names

In contrast, I still haven't worked out how this post from April 2005 has stayed around so long. True, it's slipping. It was at number 2 last year... This year it came in with 2216 views.

4 - Saving Money On The Trains

Last years number 1 - down a bit, but still hugely popular with 4122 views. This is another, far more practical post about saving money on the trains in the South East.

See, people do want to save money after all.

3 - BBC iPlayer - why DRM?

An essay post about why DRM is a sadly necessary evil at the moment for the BBC's online TV via iPlayer.

I originally wrote it because I was very frustrated that no one from the BBC was really putting stuff like this out officially - a huge omission I thought. Funnily enough as I was writing it, Ashley Highfield did a podcast which covered the same issues - however the problems with podcasts is that they're not written down and therefore not indexable!

Thankfully the BBC is getting far better at these things - the launch of the Internet Blog has made a huge difference in this respect. And indeed the latest iPlayer post by Anthony Rose includes a segment marked Why do we need DRM?

The BBC's getting there people, it's getting there!

2 - GE Money - incompetence and downright lies

That this wasn't number one surprised me a little - it's certainly top of the posts as far as comments are concerned! I am continually glad I'm not a customer of GE Money - certainly won't be using them again. Ever.

And with over 6000 page views, neither will a lot of other people.

1 - Freesat Website

Towards the end of 2007, I wrote a tiny piece talking about the fact that the Freesat website launched.

It should have been a throw away post - one that disappeared without a trace. Instead, it came in at number ten in last years Top 20.

And then after that, it would disappear. Surely?

Err. No. A massive 8901 people came to see this tiny, puny entry. And were probably really disappointed when they saw it too!

Life. It's a funny old game...

Tomorrow... Just a little fun...

In the final post of the Review of the Year, and in no way am I flogging a dead horse here (honest), it's time to compare last years rankings of archive posts with this years! As we play, Top of the Blog Pops!

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