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So by now I've probably bored you to death with the Top 20 Archive Posts of 2008 (notably split into part one and part two to ensure double boredom!) so you might think that doing a part 3 really is flogging a dead horse.

I mean, what else is there to say?

Well how about some sort of year on year ranking! Does a post that has the "lasting factor" for one year, have it for another? Well as I did one of these chart rundown things last year, it's possible to find out.

Obviously when I did the Top 20 Archive Posts of 2007, it didn't include any posts from 2007, so there's inevitably going to be some new entries to consider. But how many? And how many of last years top 20 will remain?

Lets bring on the statsmobile one more time!

The Chart Rundown

Position2007 positionChangePostYear Published
1-NEW!Freesat Website2007
2-NEW!GE Money Lies2007
3-NEW!BBC iPlayer - why DRM?2007
41-3Saving Money on the Trains2005
52-3The Usability of Meeting Room Names2005
6-NEW!The new BBC Homepage - a bit like myBBC then2007
74-3Walsh Western Hopelessness (part 2) 2006
85-3Vegetarian Iceland2005
9-NEW!The Joys of Train Travel Planning in France 2007
109-1The Real Underground2003
11-NEW!Alliance and Leicester Internet Banking2005
1210-2The Epic Night-time Journey from Kings Cross to Ealing2003
13-NEW!Well I'm not moving - the problems caused by ignoring train seat reservations2007
14-NEW!BBC's iPlayer to go beyond Microsoft XP?2007
15-NEW!Get your gold card now2004
16-NEW!Glasgow: Pubs2004
1714-3Lunch and Stroll in Hampstead2005
1915-4The Amazing Chip Vending Machine2003
20-NEW!Top Twenty Posts of 20072007

The Obvious Analysis

Clearly a very big showing for posts from 2007 there with the rest of the posts from a smattering of other years.

I expect a fair few of the 2007 posts caught a particular zeitgiest - iPlayer and Freesat were both big topics on the internet, and it seems inevitable that they will continue to feature dominantly in the viewing figures. However the iPlayer of 2009 will continue to be very different to the iPlayer of 2007 and I suspect that those pieces will slowly disappear.

What did surprise me is how few posts featured in this list last year - even when you take into account the flood of 2007 entries. The result is that many of the new entries are older posts.

So what do we learn from all this? Well we learn that the author has too much time on his hands to be pondering questions like these. But that aside - if you want a post to succeed, rant about incompetant service or just blog wildly about the current big thing, but with a slight twist.

And what will 2009 bring? Well probably more of the same old rubbish really...

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