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  • Amongst the list of closures is the old Tower Records store at Piccadilly. Perhaps not surprising - it's a large store and apparently Zavvi have been having serious problems getting stock - stock which can now be distributed to the remaining stores. But when one of the flagship stores goes, it's really hard to imagine much of the rest surviving...
  • More on the Ealing to Wandsworth "ghost bus" which is naturally coming under fire for being a waste of money. The flip side is, how much would it cost to actually officially close the line via an act of Parliament. There's a reason why some of these ghost services run for decades... Still, they could probably do it cheaper - perhaps by using a taxi or something, like they're supposed to have done on the Croxley Green to Watford line - apparently the official service there is maintained by a monthly service...
  • It's not so long ago that 1) Michael Grade was in charge of the BBC Trust and making lots of noise about cutting repeats across the board, and 2) BBC Three was making a lot of noise about getting an extension of hours into the daytime. How the latter is affected by BBC Three losing £10m from it's budget is an interesting question.

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