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  • I saw this ad whilst at the gym, so saw it minus sound. The entire ad just makes Virgin Atlantic look like something out of the dark ages...
  • "The blatant gendering of the products on offer before me then, and later when I checked online is as embarrassing as it is offensive. The Asus Floral Blossom laptop, for example, emits the odour of cherries (“the most attractive laptop for ladies!” the website gushes) and the HiGrade Core Duo T2330 comes in a shocking pink leopard print guaranteed to “wow” even the most impassive of laptop users. Aside from being pink, most of them boast minuscule memory, a laboriously slow processor, a postage stamp of a screen and the ability to multitask without significant hard drive support to make any of the tasks particularly challenging or purposeful. Other laptops on offer in the shop came in a range of colours, all at an extra cost on the default silver, but they had chosen only to display those in the pink option. Obviously their intended female audience is assumed to have no imagination."

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