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  • BBCi Labs makes way for the new Press Red! Okay so it's the same old stuff just at a new URL but with a swanky new blog design. And a picture of a remove control. Well some of us like a good cliché...
  • Roo Reynolds blogs about a great event I went to, and which I failed to blog about because I struggle to listen, digest and take notes at the same time! Roo also pulls out as one of his favourite quotes, one of mine from Tony Ageh who said "We’ve never involved ourselves in the DRM issue, which we should have done. We don’t own much of the iPlayer code, but the bits we do own we should open. We don’t have significant contribution to the technical space which produces our media in the way that previous generations did. … Not just TV episodes. Content, information, millions of BBC Copyright still images, histories of localities … our brands could be made available for certain audiences in certain ways … all of which can allow self actualisation and stimulate a creative nation."

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