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  • "My feeling was that the confinement period was far too long. At one point I jettisoned all semblance of journalistic detachment and briefly joined the chanting for release. Like other perfectly peaceable people there, I got pretty pissed off. The angry, meanwhile, got angrier and for a while, from about 6.00, I was seriously worried that things might become very ugly indeed." Can't say I blame him. To cheer yourself up from that gloom, there's also a surreal video conversation between Dave and a tea cup holding protester, surrounded by riot police, talking about tea and kettles. Cos as we all know, tea solves all the world's problems. Someone should tell that to the G20...
  • Conclusive proof that you can find anything on the internet, here's a history of the 346 bus route, on which I was a regular user as a kid and a teenager. It took me to Hyde or Ashton for shopping, and to Ashton so I could get to school. And during university, it occasionally took me direct to see Catherine as her parents also lived on the route. And apparently it used to be a tram route. So there you go.

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