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  • "Every Saturday morning between 1973 and 1985, a classroom of imagination defying enormity was assembled on ABC, run by a small cadre of renegade Madison Avenue ad men. Class sessions were short but intense-squeezed between episodes of Scooby Doo and LaffOlympics and Underoos met the dress code. No one assigned homework, no one slapped your knuckles with a yardstick, no one beat you up for your milk money. The institution of learning was called Schoolhouse Rock, and if you can recite the Preamble of the Constitution by rote and know the function of a conjunction, you probably attended faithfully." Cartoon learning from the people who brought you "Three is the magic number"
  • Ah, if only everyone involved with the credit crunch had watched this! Oh hang on... maybe they did... So that's why we're in the middle of a global economic crisis...

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