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  • "While checking out how the savers’ rights petition was doing on the number 10 website, I clicked the closed polls section. In there, the tenth biggest ever poll on the site with 70,000 plus signatures is the Bank Charges Consumer Charter. Scanning the polls above it, every single one of them has (with response) next to it… meaning the government has responded. Not this one though; it sits there naked in solitude. 'The biggest poll the Prime Minister has ever ignored!' - not exactly the accolade wanted. Now don’t think this is an issue of scale, there are scores of closed smaller polls which Mr. Brown has decided to respond to. "
  • Watched this brilliant programme on BBC Four last night. It tells the story of the YHA through archive film found in the YHA store room. It's a fascinating insight into youth hostelling since it arrived in the UK - including the dodgy sing songs and people rock climbing in highly inappropriate clothing. A big difference from the way hostels feel today. And as a by product you get a great view of the way society has changed too. Can't recommend it enough - it's on iPlayer of course, and BBC Four are showing on Monday as well. And will no doubt be repeated on BBC Two in due course.
  • No doubt inspired by BBC Four's youth hostel programming, here's a slideshow of images of hostelling past.

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