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  • Of course the whole problem of names and marriages could be solved by women simply not changing their name when they marry. After all, it is a rather pointless and daft custom that just serves to create hassle and problems. What about the kids I hear someone ask? Well for good measure, any female offspring take the surname of the mother, and male offspring take that of the father. Then we would never have these silly problems! Sorted. (You can have that idea for free!)
  • Great news for my DAB radio - especially as I'm not a huge fan of some of 6music's weekend schedule. Adam and Joe, Liz Kershaw, the Freak Zone are of course the exceptions!
  • Apparently there's a plan to transform Exhibition Road into a place with no kerbs or pedestrian crossings - and a speed limit of 20mph. Sounds dumb and dangerous? I used such a road in central Bern, Switzerland, and felt surprisingly safe. Large articulated bendy trolleybuses moved slowly round groups of tourists standing in the middle of the road. Cars just trundled through. It really seemed to work. BUT it's reliant on drivers actually respecting the fact that they no longer own the road... And that's one hell of a big but in London...
  • Discussing Carrie Gracie's salary. And interestingly it sees a few of the posters there reveal their own salary too. For the record I won't be telling you what I get paid. Sorry. But I'm reminded of a former colleague of mine who was from Finland and said that every year it was the law that employers had to reveal everyone's salary for the previous twelve months. Maybe it would be for the best?
  • "A South West Wales newsroom is mourning the death of its paper after bosses decided to wield the axe. Fortunately though no jobs will be lost at the Carmarthen Journal after the BBC decided to remove it from the Welsh-language soap opera Pobol y Cwm." Phew. That's all right then.

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