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  • Ah the old question mark at the end of a headline which basically says that the dreaded black tower of Colliers Wood ain't going anwhere... If you're wondering why this matters, this building was voted the ugliest in London in a 2006 BBC poll, and came 9th in Channel 4's Demolition which looked at the buildings people most wanted demolished. And THAT was when it was actually occupied! Now it's empty, boarded up and partially covered with green netting... And I have to walk past it every day... And sadly it can't be demolished because if they tried there is a serious danger of damaging the Northern Line tunnels which are nearby. One day it will get redeveloped. Well we can hope...
  • Nice cartoon but there's a wider question of when will the web community get it into its head that just because a user has IE6, doesn't mean they can upgrade from IE6. People on corporate networks don't have a choice what browser they use. And messages like this will just annoy people, who may never come back... It's all in the tone of the language guys... All the design needed was a link that said "Sorry we can't support Internet Explorer. Here's why..."
  • "Personally I’m not sure if “get rid of it or get lost” sends the right tone, but I think it might reflect just how serious browser wars have become. I can definitely see different people reacting to this promotion differently, but I guess at least the person who scores $10,000 will be a big fan of IE8." Microsoft Australia show off the Aussie sense of humour in the browser wars.
  • "Last night my Twitter alerts page for "BBC Homepage" lit up like a Christmas tree. On looking, I noticed that the sudden interest was caused by Tweets suggesting the BBC Homepage had changed its colour scheme to green to show solidarity with the Iranian protesters. This is not the case. The colour change was a pure coincidence and one that has appeared several times since the weekend, but only spotted and Tweeted last night." They say a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes...

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