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  • New site design from Be makes me think that the web's gone back fifteen years... Hmm...
  • London Underground snook out the first of the new Victoria Line trains last night at the unearthly hour of 23:55. But personally I'll miss the exceptionally bouncy seats and overly seductive sounding announcements of the current trains when they've gone...
  • "With the electric trains you get a quieter, cleaner, more reliable and much cheaper train which benefits passengers and it also benefits the taxpayers because it's much cheaper to keep an electric railway going. But you've got to put that upfront investment in. Governments historically have been very adverse to making long-term investments." Government minister recognises the benefits of investing in railways SHOCK! Is this what happens when you put someone who recognises the benefit of railways in charge?
  • My local has gone on the internet following the arrival of its new landlord and landlady - Debs and Terry having retired and departed back to New Zealand after running the pub for 24 years.
  • "I recently had an appointment at the Beeb and whilst sat in the foyer I noticed the poor standard of dress of the employees coming and going. When I spoke to the person I was meeting I asked if it was a dress down day. She said no, it's the norm. I couldn't believe how scruffy they all looked considering the institution they represent." That's us told.
  • I don't think I've ever seen a red squirrel before, but whilst we were in Scotland for Catherine's brothers wedding, we went to Crathes Castle, and right outside the ticket shop there this squirrel was doing everything a red squirrel doesn't do - being visible and not bating an eyelid when we got near it! I was so stunned I almost didn't take a photo!
  • With a name like that, it's the only place you'll want to put stuff in your windows! Shame it's in Banchory, near Aberdeen...

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