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  • You know I absolutely get fed up with stories like this coming out of organisations like Alcohol Focus Scotland. So what if someone's brewed an 18% beer? No one bats an eyelid at 50% malt whiskeys do they? But oh no. An 18% beer and it's the thin end of the wedge and totally irresponsible. They seem to think people will just down this stuff. WELL THAT'S UTTER BOLLOCKS. You can't even down a 9% Belgium beer - and nor should you. Beer of that calibre is designed to be sipped and savoured. An 18% beer is a beer to drink in small amounts - maybe even to share the 330ml bottle. This is not a beer people will be guzzling 10 bottles of on a Friday night. It's £9.99 a bottle for goodness sake! So get off the high horse and go after the real causes of the binge drinking problem. Alco-pops. White Lightning. Irresponsible drinks promotions. The only people who are "deluded, are people like Alcohol Focus Scotland who think targeting niche products is a good idea.

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