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  • Interesting idea which basically boils down to complaining that “Radio 1 is not fulfilling its obligation to its audience." Of course the solution is to privatise it (a Conservative suggesting privatisation? How novel!) and therefore make some cash (kerching!) which is far more sensible than trying to "change" the station so that it "does" what everyone thinks it should do...
  • Liz Kershaw gets just a tad annoyed when she's dumped from the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire breakfast show, so that the show can be placed at "the start of a new era" in the hands of a presenter that the station hasn't even employed yet.
  • "The idea of anyone binge drinking a bottle of this beer, of knocking it back quickly, is utterly absurd. I defy anyone to drink a bottle in under an hour. You actually don't want a full bottle of it. The argument about it containing more units than your recommended daily guideline is no more valid than it would be with a bottle of spirits. In fact a resealable bottle would be brilliant." Pete Brown actually tries the 18% Tokyo* Storm and then judges. Unlike some. But then, why would you actually want to try something before condemning it completely?

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