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  • "A family of three get Ryanair £1 each way return tickets to Europe. If they were to pay on a debit card, take a suitcase each (not pre-booked) and need to get boarding cards at the airport, guesstimate the total 'additional' charges." Martin Lewis invites you to guess. And then see what the answer is. This does result in some discussion on how people who don't follow the terms and conditions will end up paying more, but frankly Ryanair take the proverbial something rotten with their charges for my mind. Prices should be simple and understandable by everyone.
  • To celebrate 30 years of the Jubilee Line, the oldest working tube train - from 1938 - was sent on a tour of the line. I once went to the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton and found out by accident they were running the train up from Ealing Common to Uxbridge, and it was a great experience - especially watching confused travellers look at the train as it pulled into stations. Sadly due to signalling upgrades, this will be the last time the 1938 stock can use the Jubilee, but you can visit somewhere where the 1938 trains still run on a daily basis. In an modified format, the same trains are used to run national rail services on the Isle of Wight.

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