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  • "Westwood is surely the unlikeliest drivetime DJ in the world, but his move to the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) station is a masterstroke." John Plunket says more politely than I thought, which was "Westwood on Drivetime? Bloomin' hell!"
  • "Think for a moment about what your reaction would be if Microsoft made the Zune the only MP3 player compatible with Windows. There would be 4chan riots, denial of service attacks and Digg’s front page would be plastered with pundit editorials claiming Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer were Borg. Why, then, does Steve Jobs get a pass? Steve Jobs gets a pass because we are all enabling him to be a jerk. We buy the products and we say nothing when our rights are stripped away. We’ve been seduced by Steve Jobs: he lifts another shiny object over his head with a new eco-friendly feature and we all melt like screaming schoolgirls at Shea Stadium in ‘65." One of five points made about Apple by a former fan

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