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  • "Are you terrified that people may think you're gay? No worries, hip hop has coined a phrase to get you out of the stickiest situations. Just throw in a "no homo" and you can say pretty much anything you want!" Hysterical!
  • "Half of (whatever) please" "Is it for a lady?" The question from bar staff. Admittedly I've only ever experienced it in a handfull of pubs, all up in the Greater Manchester but the result was that the beer was not served in a normal half glass, but some ridiculous glass that looked like it should have held a kids faux-cocktail, or a rather nice stemmed glass like what you see Belgian beers served in and which I wouldn't mind drinking out of (clearly if I was a rapper, I'd have to follow that with a "no homo". But I'm not, so I won't.) But no, men can't drink out of glasses like that, even if people like Stella have started moving in that direction anyway. No, men must drink out of a proper glass. Leave these fancy glasses for the birds. I'm a man.

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