Top 20 Archive Posts of 2009 - the chart!

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Last year I did a little Chart table to show the views of archive posts have changed over the years.

Review of the Year

It was fun in a "I like pointless stats" kind of way. So I decided to do it again.

So lets bring on the statsmobile, and if you're really bonkers, you can check out last years chart too!

Position2008 positionChangePostYear Published
12+1GE Money - incompetence and downright lies2007
23+1BBC iPlayer - why DRM?2007
34+1Saving Money On The Trains2005
41-3Freesat Website2007
55-The Usability of Meeting Room Names2005
611+5Alliance and Leicester Internet Banking2005
78+1Vegetarian Iceland2005
8-NEW!Installing Linux on an elderly laptop2008
913+4Well I'm not moving - the problems caused by ignoring train seat reservations2007
10-NEW! Spam! To the EXTREME!2004
11-NEW!Scotch Steak Houses - Evil With A Green Sign2005
139-4The Joys of Train Travel Planning in France2007
1419+5The Amazing Chip Vending Machine2003
15-NEW!Switzerland Day 3 - to the Top of Europe!2008
16-NEW!Hot, Sweaty and Crowded - trying the commute on the West London Line2008
17-NEW!Food, glorious BBC food2008
1812-618 - The Epic Night-time Journey from Kings Cross to Ealing2003
196-13The new BBC Homepage - a bit like myBBC then2007
2010-10The Real Underground2003


Well not a huge change on last year really - most of last years top 20 remain, with a couple of new entries from 2008. Noticeably there's still a huge train focus in this lot as I mentioned in the last few days. I'm not sure whether to be worried about this or not!

What's also interesting is the year of posts, and as I'd been looking for an excuse to play with Google's chart API, so here's a bar chart!

Bar chart showing year breakdown for the Top 20 blog posts

As you can see, I obviously wrote nothing of any real interest in 2006. I think I should be worried about that...

Once you've done one bar chart, you've got to do another, so I decided to compare the year breakdown for 2009 with that for 2008.

Bar chart showing year breakdown for the Top 20 blog posts

Interesting to see here that things don't change hugely as the years go by - obviously there has to be some changes due to another year being added into the mix, however there's still a lot of consistency - especially with the older posts.

Of course the big question will be what will happen in 2010. Well we'll just have to find out, won't we?

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