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  • Futurama writers are far too geeky.
  • A revival of the Crystal Maze? Done by ITV? Presented by Amanda Holden? Yes. Quite. Still, it is an article from the Sun (spotted thanks to Media Monkey on the Guardian) so therefore has a potential accuracy rating of about 4%.
  • "Andrew Bowden was prohibited on the basis that he lacked honesty, integrity, competence and capability and was therefore not fit and proper to perform any function in relation to any regulated activity carried on by any authorised person." Came through on my vanity Google Alerts and rather perturbed me! As it happens, it's actually for Andrew David Bowden. I have lots of honesty thanks!
  • Life in January with very little tea. How will they cope?
    (tags: rationing tea)
  • "If you drink a pint and a half of Kronenbourg in one day - even if that's half a pint with lunch and one pint in the evening - you are a 'hazardous' drinker. If you drink one large glass of wine that is stronger than 12%, you are a 'hazardous' drinker. According to the latest NHS report, you're no different from an alky downing a bottle of cheap vodka every day. Furthermore, the way this data is collected, the actual question is along the lines of 'did you drink this much on one day during the last week'. If you say yes, you're included in the figure. So you could have drunk alcohol on only one out of seven days and you still count as a hazardous drinker." Bet even the Daily Mail Editor is a hazardous drinker according to a recent NHS report.

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