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  • TV star meets climate change politican at New Malden B&Q - Wimbledon Guardian

    "The duo were shown innovative products on offer at the superstore that homeowners can use to retrofit their houses in a bid to make their homes energy-efficient and save money." Now that's what I call a scoop!

  • R&D (South Lab)- Video report on the Move - BBC R&D Blog

    Great video all about the move from the BBC's current R&D facility in Kingswood Warren, deep in the heart of Surrey, to a rather grey 1960s office block in the frankly less glamorous White City.

  • Bakers Greggs wins freedom of city of Newcastle - BBC News

    And from this we learn that it's not just individuals that can be awarded the freedom of a city...

  • Northern Line could shut every evening for a year for engineering works -

    I said this a while ago, but I'll say it again. BBC London's Inside Out told the story that in Paris they've been doing major upgrade work on one of their metro lines - work comparable to the upgrade of the Jubilee Line. They're doing it without any line closures. Why do Tube Lines get away with this crap? It's time people to start getting ANGRY. London can't keep on going on like this.

  • Battery recycling rules in force for stores - BBC News

    New rules coming in to play that will mean we'll all be able to recycle our batteries at the local supermarket. Of course the best solution is to use rechargables, however personally I've never found them last very long with my Wii... Mind you, that might just say something about how many charges those batteries have had!

  • Make no mistake, this is a war on drink. We need to fight back - The Publican

    "Make no mistake - this is a war on drink. The issue has been described as a ‘battleground’ for the general election. The problem with that description is that all main political parties are on the same side, competing over who can look toughest. Their enemy is you and me. The battle plan is to make drinking socially unacceptable, to create an appetite that will support far more draconian measures than those currently being proposed. That’s how the smoking ban worked. It took 40 years - with drink, it’s happening much quicker." I tweeted recently that I thought the UK was slowly heading towards prohibition without realising it. It's time to start realising.

  • The real age drinking starts - General News - Morning Advertiser

    "Government ministers, like policemen, judges and everyone else used pubs before 18; they know and permit their children to use pubs before 18 like the rest of us, because they generally prefer the supervised environment, yet their entire policy is based on persecuting pubs for what they themselves did, and for what they condone today on a personal level... We need to get back to the situation of teenagers drinking with their parents and grandparents, which I first did along with many others, at the age of about 15, rather than in the teenage ghettos created by parties and the crackdown on pubs." JD Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin makes a rather valid point.

  • TermBuilder: a graphical Linux command line generator - TuxRadar Linux

    If you've ever struggled with learning the Linux command line, then this is for you! Doesn't quite cover all the basics though - I mean, surely everyone needs to know how to remove ^M's from files?

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