Links for 26 April 2010

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I keep forgetting to post these, so I hope you're not forgetting to read them!

First off… the Doctor...

Elsewhere, trains seem to be a bit of a feature…

  • Aslef to bid to run East Coast mainline for no profit - BBC News

    Apparently the train union Aslef wants to run the East Coast Mainline, which has not exactly had a good time of it of late thanks to GNER and National Express bidding too high and not being able to make it work. Expect Virgin to also be bidding - although whether the government would give them the east coast line as well as the west coast is debatable.

  • Map of UK Train Stations - Saturday Walkers Club

    And more train stutff… It's a slightly pointless map (their words) showing all UK train stations.

And finally…

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