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Posted on 7 August 2010 in TV Programmes (1 comment)

Sorting out some work emails, I randomly hit Outlook's "notes" section. I don't really use the "Notes" section bar for keeping a few bits of regularly used information that... err... I usually don't use. Things like links to Telewest's cable monitoring services which probably stopped working in about 2007, an old defunct FTP password for the BBC's website and details of how to get the secret, not very well hidden testcard on the BBC Red Button.

The last note was added in 2008. The first in July 2003.

There were two from 2003, and they went like this:

The Original Series


strange green humanoid aliens
strange blue humanoid aliens
strange black and white humanoid aliens
big reddish thing, created using a big red light bulb

Episode hero

Captain Kirk
Doctor McCoy
Nurse Chappell


Love with aliens

Next Generation


Doctor Bashir
big blue gaseous cloud

Episode Hero

Captain Picard
Commander Riker
Lt.Commander LeForge
Lt.Commander Data
Lt.Commander Worf
Counsellor Troi
Wesley Crusher


Transporter problem
Holodeck problem
Mysterious alien virus
Alien takes over control of the Captain
Alien takes over the ship
There is a problem with the warp drive engine


Data learns a new emotion
The crew make friends with the alien and go on their way
Data acts strangely
Wesley Crusher gets to look smug
Data goes 'hmm'
Everyone plays poker
Guyanan says something profound

I think it was some sort of "Make your own Star Trek Adventure" idea, although why Doctor Bashir is an alien, well frankly, that is anyone's guess...

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Jamie said:

You might like to pretend that 'Julian', if that was his real name, was a human (albeit genetically enhanced) but the rest of us know that the 'actor', if that was his real profession, was clearly one of the Tree People from Doctor Who.

Posted on 13 February 2011 at 5:22 PM

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