Entries from November 2010

Get a pinta on your doorstep to save £££!

Posted on 24 November 2010 in Shopping (No comments yet - be the first!)

It’s now been two years or so since we went back in time and got a milkman. And it’s lovely. The satisfaction of holding those chunky glass pint bottles. The celebration as you press down on the foil top… And that’s just the start for having our milk delivered is providing financial benefits to our household.

Announcing the launch of One Coast To Another

Posted on 18 November 2010 in Walking (1 comment)

Yes it’s finally arrived - the e-book, One Coast To Another, has finally hit the e-shelves!

The best photograph I’ve ever taken

Posted on 15 November 2010 in Life (No comments yet - be the first!)

Over my life I have taken thousands and thousands of photographs. As I type I have 6,570 uploaded to my flickr account, and given I tend to only upload around one out of four photos I take, clearly I’ve taken a fair few.

My latest project - BBC iPlayer on BT Vision

Posted on 11 November 2010 in BBC red button, Work (No comments yet - be the first!)

Announcing what I’m currently working on

Coffee? In Salford? Where do I sign up?!

Posted on 10 November 2010 in Food and Drink, Work (No comments yet - be the first!)

Whilst I said no to following my job to Salford some time ago (a whopping 18 months in fact) some people within my team have recently been brought into scope for the move and as such it’s barely a week that goes by that doesn’t involve some exciting news or inspiring knowledge appearing in my inbox all designed to show just how great the new offices will be.

At Risk of Redundancy

Posted on 2 November 2010 in BBC, Work (1 comment)

Baring the minor miracle of getting some dream job, it means I’m likely to be leaving the BBC next June, pocketing a redundancy cheque in the process.

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