Top 20 Archive Posts of 2010: The Charts!

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Crack open the Top of the Pops theme tune cos we're going chart and table crazy!

Review of the Year

Not content with boring you to death with our Top 20 Archive Posts, its time to put it all in tabular and chart form!

Here's the chart then!

Position2009 positionChangePostYear Published
11 - GE Money - incompetence and downright lies2007
22 +1 Saving Money On The Trains2005
37+4Vegetarian Iceland2005
44 - Freesat Website2007
52 -3 BBC iPlayer - why DRM?2007
614 +8The Amazing Chip Vending Machine2003
76 -1 Alliance and Leicester Internet Banking2005
89 +1 Well I'm not moving - the problems caused by ignoring train seat reservations2007
915 +6 Switzerland Day 3 - to the Top of Europe! 2008
10 11 +1 Scotch Steak Houses - Evil With A Green Sign2005
11 - NEW! Online Banking and the bad URLs that go with it2009
128 -4 Installing Linux on an elderly laptop 2008
13 - NEW!Glass bottles on the doorstep - getting a milkman2009
145 -9 The Usability of Meeting Room Names2005
15 - NEW!It just worked straight away - using a 3G dongle on Linux at Beebcamp2009
16 - NEW!All aboard the night train to the highlands!2009
17 - NEW!A plethora of cables2009
18 - re-entryLunch and Stroll in Hampstead 2005
19 - NEW!Reviewing the Cumbria Way2009
20 - NEW!Switzerland 2008 Day 2 - Waterfalls, more lakes and a fantastic funicular2008

Doesn't that look nice?


So looking at those numbers, and we've quite a few scoring well from 2009 and a bit of shuffling around. But the top posts remains the same.

Chart of the number of entries per year

Looking at the posts per year, clearly I wrote little of any value in 2002, 2004 and 2006! Some would say I don't write anything of any value all the time but the least said about that, the better.

Number of entries per year

If we look year on year, we see some interesting changes. That post about Ocado from 2002 is gone, and 2003 and 2004 have both slipped. Interestingly posts from 2005 have, however, gone up. Very interesting. It shows that whilst the long tail may favour more recent content, if you've got the right stuff it'll keep on getting the views, even if it is five years old.

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