Evoke 2 Ay-Em, Eff-Em, Dee-Ayy-Beee. It's radio and it's in the city. And probably in the rest of the country as well.

Radio and broadcasting is something I'm fascinated in although perhaps you might not realise that from the number of posts in this section...

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Happy 10th Birthday 6music

Posted on 11 March 2012 in BBC, Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

It was the day that some of us feared would never happen. But it has. Today BBC Radio 6music has reached the age of ten and it's going strong.

I've been listening to the station since day one - my first show being the mighty Gideon Coe who at that point was on the 10-1pm slot now occupied by Lauren Laverne. I didn't have a DAB radio at the time so initially my listening was restricted to putting on the headphones at work.

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Bye bye NBH

Posted on 21 May 2011 in BBC, Radio, Television (2 comments)

I was about eight when I first stepped foot in the BBC's New Broadcasting House in Manchester. Having grown up in the area there was a tingle of excitment as we were given a tour of the building and shown the steps which John Munday and Stuart Hall walked up every night in order to watch North West Tonight. We weren't shown what was at the top of the steps, just the steps themselves.

BBC New Broadcasting House, Manchester

Many years later the building had a buzz about it thanks to it being home to the seminal Radio 1 dynamic duo, Mark and Lard. As a member of the usenet group, I attended many a meet in the nearby Lass O'Gowrie where we'd wax lyrical about our idols and consume plenty of ale.

Some years on I started working at the BBC myself, and in 2009 the first of my colleagues made the move from London to Manchester after it was announced that my department would be moved to Salford. Towards the end of that year I stepped foot inside myself, swiping my BBC pass on the entrance barriers as I headed up to the tiny second floor office that the initial team were based in.

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If you’re going to cover stories about London on TV and radio, you need to justify properly why you’re covering it

Posted on 3 August 2010 in London, Radio, Television (No comments yet - be the first!)

If there’s one thing that seems to provoke irie from the BBC’s viewers and listeners, it’s doing anything about London on air. Well unless said viewer and listener is in London. Probably.

In car radio - digital or analogue, you’ll always get some reception problems

Posted on 8 July 2009 in Radio (2 comments)

Over on the BBC News website is a little video of Zoe Kleinman driving down the road playing with incar DAB radios. As someone’s who has had DAB for years in his home and loves it to bits, I was interested to see what the car experience was like but I confess that I watched that yesterday and thought bloomin’ hell.

Is it April the 1st?

Posted on 12 September 2008 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems? On BBC 6music? Eh?

A Life In Student Radio. Well 6 Shows Anyway…

Posted on 27 February 2008 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Once a bad DJ, always a bad DJ…

Kevin Greening

Posted on 31 December 2007 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

The news that former Radio 1 Kevin Greening has died in his sleep, aged 44, is news that fills me with sadness. I have been a big fan of his since hearing him on his early weekend shows on Radio 1 in the early 1990s.

John Peel

Posted on 26 October 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

There’s not exactly anything I can say about John Peel that hasn’t already been said umpteen million times by friends and other fans of his worldwide. But say a few things I will because the death of John Peel - well it’s like losing an old friend.

Bush House - a life in broadcasting

Posted on 25 October 2004 in BBC, London, Radio, Work (No comments yet - be the first!)

I love Bush House and I will miss it when we leave.

Fancy A Brew our kid?

Posted on 25 July 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

The brand new Fancy A Brew site about Mark and Lard is now live!

Rocket Science

Posted on 10 April 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

So it’s week two of Rocket Science with Marc Riley on BBC 6music and it’s sounding good.

Wibbley Wobbley Time Travel

Posted on 2 April 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Get the wibbley wobbley time travel effects on standby - I’ve dug out (for no other reason than I can) a bit of history. Yep it’s my very first post on a newsgroup. Good old usenet eh?


Posted on 27 March 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Bye bye Mark and Lard.

To the Graveyard (Shift) Again.

Posted on 10 March 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Mark Radcliffe is heading back to a familiar sounding timeslot, abliet on a different station. But what will feature in this show that sits in a timeslot often known as ‘The Graveyard Shift’?

The end of Mark and Lard as we know it

Posted on 23 February 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

The news that Mark and Lard are to leave Radio 1 is sad, but not entirely unexpected. They’ve been the subjects of the internet rumour mill for several months no doubt surred on by their own on-air comments. It’s been as obvious as the fact that a carry on follows a stop.

Mark and Lard Wonderings

Posted on 20 February 2004 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Well I did have a whole piece written about Mark and Lard splitting - I did it in my lunch hour today - but it seems to have gone walkies and not made it home.

Interesting Digital Television Launches

Posted on 21 October 2003 in Interactive TV, Radio, Television (No comments yet - be the first!)

The BBC has launched News Multiscreen, and EMAP seems to have some big plans, but what they’re not saying. Interactive services on Freeview are really getting interesting.

DAB Text on BBCi Radio Stations.

Posted on 26 September 2003 in BBC red button, Interactive TV, Radio, Television (1 comment)

The BBC stations on DTT/Freeview now have an updating text feed. It’s cool.

New Media Blog

Posted on 21 September 2003 in Radio, Television (No comments yet - be the first!)

Transdiffusion launch a new MediaBlog.

Evoke II

Posted on 18 September 2003 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Digital radio from a lovely little set.

Ogg Streaming

Posted on 27 August 2003 in Computers, Internet, Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Ogg streaming came to Virgin, The Groove and Liquid in June which is fantastic news!

The Hudson and Pepperdine Show.

Posted on 16 April 2003 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

Music and passion are always a fashion for this wonderful comic duo’s radio show.

BBC7, BBC Heaven!

Posted on 19 December 2002 in Radio (No comments yet - be the first!)

BBC7 is a brand new digital radio station exploiting the BBC’s comedy and drama archives. And it’s rather good!

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